Good Governance and Democracy

Governance and Democracy

Governance For Africa supports democratization and good governance through innovative programs and projects that are aimed at solving Africa’s sociopolitical and economic problems.  GFA’s goal is to implement culturally based programs designed to strengthen and enhance the fundamental principles of democracy, educate and increase citizen participation in the democratic process and encourage accountability and transparency in government.

Transparency, accountability and respect for the law are important for good governance. We work with partners from the public and private sectors, civil society and faith-based organisations to promote improved governance and inclusive grassroots democracy.

Election and Political Processes

Elections are the central institution of democratic representative government.  In a democracy, the authority of the government derives directly from the consent of the governed.  A fair and transparent election enables citizens to choose new leaders and tests the strength of existing democratic institutions and processes.  However, transitional and emerging democracies often lack the institutional capacity to effectively support the management of elections and/or political processes. GFA provides technical assistance to governments, NGOs and citizen’s groups in the following areas:

  1. Election training and administration
  2. Election observation
  3. Adjudication of election disputes