Women & youth empowerment

The main goal of this program is to empower socioeconomically marginalized women and youth through skills building, consequently expanding their access to educational and employment opportunities.

Governance for Africa aims at increasing the economic productivity of youths in the community; and improve their livelihoods through sustainable income generating activities. It involves providing entrepreneurship development and capacity building activities to the youths and women in the community; rehabilitating youths involved in prostitution, drug abuse; and preventing others from engaging in such risky behaviors.

Youth and women are the most energetic and informed groups hence the need for them to participate in all governance and development programs. And in order to do that they must be aware of these policies and programs as well as be able to analyze situational issues to come up with logical and critical contributions. Youth and women  especially those in rural areas feel that there is no regular dialogue between the governments and the youth as well as women and that there are limited efforts in raising the awareness of the youth and women on human rights and participation in good governance. GFA’s aim is to empower the youth and women to enable them have more influence in decision making by addressing the above-mentioned gaps in collaboration with the systems and institutions already in place as well as building onto what has already been achieved.