Tax Justice

Africa faces a number of challenges as it struggles to protect its own tax base in the face of renewed interest as a favorite destination for foreign investments. The race to attract foreign investments is emerging as a race to the bottom as countries use harmful tax incentives or sign unsound double tax agreements that severely erode their tax bases and limit their taxing rights on corporate income.  Unfavorable double tax agreements particularly those signed with tax havens, not only limit taxing rights but they also open up the country to treaty abuse by unscrupulous investors who use the treaty provisions to aggressively shift their profits to avoid taxation.  Forgone revenue as a result of harmful tax incentives and unfavorable double tax, trade and investment agreements have impeded state ability to deliver services.

The strategic drivers under this thematic programme are weak trade and investment regimes as well as harmful Double Taxation Agreements. These regimes and agreements grant harmful tax incentives that erode African countries domestic tax bases. Our goal is to achieve progressive tax policies within national investment regimes that support domestic revenue generation.