African Youth Ambassadors enlightened on the African Agenda 2063 and Africa we want

The trainings started on 12th January 2016 and was closed on 20th December 2016, it targeted the youth to understand Agenda 2063. The one year trained were organized by Governance for Africa in partnership with the Oxfam – Kenya.

A group 20 Rwandan youth were given certificates by Governance for Africa after completing a training of one year on understanding the African Agenda 2063 aspirations and The Africa We Want.

In his closing remarks and issuing certificates to participants in African youth ambassadors program; Governance for Africa. CEO Cyrus Nkusi challenged youth to participate in Africa’s agenda, play their role to achieve the#AfricaWeWant and keep interacting through social media on issues affecting Africa and suggest solutions to them.

“Africa Youth Project aims at making young Africans understand their role in continent through agenda 2063, how they use opportunities they have, how they take initiatives, how to be engaged and how to use the continents resources for development. Africa Youth Project purpose is for young people to own the continent for better change.” He added
About “African Youth Ambassadors”
Governance for Africa initiated a program with the primary purpose of Youth Engagement and Empowerment through agenda 2063 recognized under the name “African Youth Ambassadors” aiming to mobilize young Africans to understand their role and participation in the Success of Agenda 2063 #AfricaWeWant, which depends on contribution and commitments of each one of us, Domestication begins with us. African Youth Ambassador’s program assists young Africans to identify the position they occupy in the plan, and the role they are expected to play.

The African Youth Ambassadors’ will play a big role for members as course on international level as it aims at bringing youth together to share, learn and experience various innovative ways in addressing issues in their society towards Agenda 2063 and beyond. More than that attending this workshop would help African Youth Ambassadors learn Coordinating the project including activity implementation, documentation and reporting, Facilitating and advising besides leading the African youth Ambassadors’ project Monitoring and Evaluation team.

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