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National Dialogue on taxation and role of Civil Society Organizations in Rwanda

Tax justice has for some years now remained one of the most overlooked development issues in Rwanda. There is enough evidence that a number of SOs have developed interest in the recent years to advocate for a fair taxation system.
This is in the long run expected to contribute significantly to the improved domestic resource mobilization and ultimately increasing government’s capacity to fund its development projects by using own sources.
There have been significant efforts by the Government in improving mobilisation of domestic resources. Several laws have been enacted and others revised, all with the aim of making sure that the country gets fair share in the exploitation of natural resources. Several studies have indicated that the government can collect more revenue than what it is currently being collected. The introduction of new tax laws, the continuous strengthening of the capacity of the officials in the revenue authority have already manifested positive results in terms of improved collection of domestic revenue.

It is against this background that Governance for Africa (GA) with the support of the East Africa Tax and Governance Network Africa (EATGN) intends to carry out National Dialogue session on Taxation and the role of Civil Society Organisations to discuss on areas of Double Taxation Agreements, National Tax Policies, National Debts, Tax Exemptions, Tax Avoidance and Evasion, Contract Transparency, The New Tax Law, amongst others on 29th Nov 2022 at Lemigo, Hotel-Rwanda