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Rwanda Youth Symposium

Governance for Africa (GFA) in partnership with The YouLead Secretariat will host Rwanda Youth Symposium ahead of the Regional Youth Summit. The National Youth symposium themed: State of Youth Political and Economic Inclusion: Scenarios for Sustainable Regional Integration in East Africa – Rwandan Context will take place on 25
October 2018.

This is an integral part of ensuring full participation and inclusion of maximum possible youth voices into the preparation and execution of the regional summit.
The 2018 Rwanda-YouLead summit will target 50 youth from Youth leaders organisations; public, civil society and private institutions, students from higher learning institution, youth achievers and Government officials.

The East Africa Youth Leadership Summit, abbreviated as YouLead has been organised since 2017 in line with the provisions of the East African Community (EAC) Youth Policy (2016) priority 14 which mandates the EAC Secretariat to build networks and partnerships to, ‘Institute an annual youth leaders’ forum with the EAC Secretary General as a regional platform for youth engagement with the EAC leadership.’ In 2017 YouLead summit brought together approximately 250 youth leaders and supporters within government, NGO and business organizations from across the East African region.

This year, YouLead organised the National Youth Symposiums and Governance for Africa will host Rwanda Youth Symposium. The National Youth Symposium is therefore aimed at giving the opportunity and voice to the maximum possible number of youth to voice out concerns and issues, most of which have national regional level implications and hence can be addressed by EAC at regional level. The proceedings and report from the National Youth Symposiums will form an integral part of the regional summit agenda.